Beach nourishment and Coastal protection

Among its maritime engineering skills, Coge Mantovani has specialised in particular in beach nourishment. Beach nourishment is aimed at opposing the erosion of sea coasts, lagoon shores and river banks by restoring the previously existing conditions through the addition of sand with the same characteristics as the sand in the area concerned and often collected in adjacent underwater areas. Coge Mantovani has performed beach nourishment in some of the most important sites on the Italian coast, including Cavallino in the province of Venice, the Romagna coast near Ravenna or "Maronti" beach on the island of Ischia.

Among the activities strictly related to the maritime engineering sector, Coge Mantovani specialises in the protection of coasts, beaches and land along watercourses by means of land fill and bank reinforcement.
These activities include structures to contain sea storms and oppose coastal erosion, the creation or reinforcement of beaches and the construction of "cells" delimited by rock panels linked to an underground breakwater and filled with sand.