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Offshore Terminal LNG Mooring Dolphins, Sand Ballast

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The Porto Levante regassification plant is the first of its kind in Italy. Its function is to receive the gas from the ships in the liquid state and bring it to the gaseous state for introduction through a pipeline into the Italian mains distribution network. Coge Mantovani constructed the mooring dolphins for the gas ships - two pairs of giant 38 metres high mooring piles, each with a diameter of 7 metres and connected by a 64 metres long, 8 metres wide steel walkway. Despite weighing about 9,000 tons each, they were floated and transported to the installation site 15 miles off the coast of Porto Levante (Rovigo). The particular fabrication processes required a 150 strong highly qualified professional team. Coge Mantovani was also responsible for ballasting the gas tanker Terminal, with supply and transport by sea of about 260,000 tons of sand to the GBS barge.

Client Aker Kvaerner
Operational Sector Maritime infrastructure
Port infrastructure
Maritime and river works
Value € 56,100,000.00
Value of Coge Mantovani € 56,100,000.00