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Veneto and Trento wharves

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As part of reinforcement of the wharves in Venice commercial port, Coge Mantovani constructed the Veneto and Trento wharves. In the case of the Veneto Wharf for a length of 712 metres, innovative techniques were used to construct a water-side sealed retaining wall consisting of secant CSP type piles and stiffened by inclined piles against the concrete platform of the wharf. The overall bearing capacity of the wharf was guaranteed by the construction of a system of FDP foundation piles, providing high bearing capacity combined with simple rapid construction. Constructed alongside the Veneto Wharf, the Trento Wharf on the other hand used piles fabricated by reinforced jet grouting and most importantly represented a sort of harbinger of the work carried out for Mo.S.E. with the use of self-sinking concrete caissons to reinforce the wharf.

Client Autorità Portuale di Venezia
Operational Sector Port infrastructure
Plant and Subsystems
Maritime and river works
Value € 19,800,000.00
Value of Coge Mantovani € 19,800,000.00